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Makers of Damn Deer & Tick Mike's Mosquito Hose Spray.

We specialize in deer damage prevention since 2010 and we do so by using all natural ingredients. Our products are not registered with the US EPA as Damn Pests LLC represents that our products qualify for

25(b)exemption under FIFRA. Our Damn Deer retail products (ready to use only) are available for purchase at our online store (below). Damn Pests LLC has a commercial line of Damn Deer available through Central Irrigation & Turf Supply. Damn Pests LLC also manufactures Central’s Organic Insect Control. It is top of the line for commercial organic insect eliminator. Be sure to contact your local CTI representative for pricing and availability. Click below for more details. Labels and SDS available upon request.

Commercial Products
Online Products For Home Owner Use
Nursery & Hardware Store Products
Call (203)775-7135 or email below for 2024 price sheet.

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